Ski Inspired Office

This office was designed for an avid skier who works from home.  The goal was to create a work space where he could be comfortable and productive, and to be surrounded by things that remind him of his favorite pastime, while also having work space for other family members. The furniture we selected fit perfectly in the wall space, while giving this family the functionality and storage needed.  The ski slope difficulty signs were custom made, and hung with vintage barn pulleys and rope.  The art over the desks was created custom from trail maps of his favorite ski trails.  We created a comfortable spot for reading or relaxing, or where other family members could sit, by adding a corner chair and ottoman.  The window treatments help soften the space, and were embellished with an architectural piece that fit perfectly with their ceiling line.  We kept accessories minimal to maximize work space, but were able to add personal touches with family photos and small pieces

Designer - Celeste Bardash

Vendor - Uttermost, West Elm




Sugar Skull Office with Tequila/Wine Room