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  1. What is your day to day role at KP Designs?
  2. What is your personal design style?
  3. What do you enjoy doing when you are not at the KP Showroom?
  1. My role is to manage the inventory process at KP Designs.  Everything that has been purchased by one of our designers for a client, from a votive candle to a sectional sofa, must be accounted for.  From the moment an item enters our showroom/warehouse until the moment it leaves, I am responsible for it.  This includes adding everything into our point of sale system, tagging it, storing it and eventually putting it onto a sales order to be billed to a client.  We have 15 designers so it is very important for me to be organized and pay close attention to detail.  I love that I get to see all of the beautiful things that come through. 

  2. I would say that I have a mix of design style.  I like the modern farmhouse look but I think I am also a bit traditional.  I love balance and clean lines but cozy and comfortable too.  I love mixing rustic with new.  I also love mixing woods, metals and natural elements.  I am very organized and like everything to be in its place. 

  3. I love any kind of shopping; garage sales, antiquing, malls, anything.  Well, there is one exception; I am not very fond of grocery shopping. My favorite is looking at home décor stores.  I am not a designer but I like to pretend that I am. I watch HGTV whenever I can.  I love spending time with my husband Dave and my daughter Jordan.  In addition to working for KP Designs, I run “My” Food Allergy Support Group; a support network for families of children with life-threatening food allergies.  Educating others and spreading awareness about the seriousness of food allergies has become my passion.

Inventory/Warehouse Manager



 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM